Make Money While You Sleep


Hi, I’m from NY, USA. I am an civil engineer but I am interested in Computer Arts and internet. Especially I love earning money on adsense and advertorial activities. Dear Warren Buffett said that “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

I remember that I was really impressed when I heard this sentence first time and thought about it. “How can I earn money when I’m sleeping?”

I made a list;

  1. Someone may have lots of money and charge them at a bank. It looks easy but it depends to money stock so in real this way very difficult.
  2. You might write articles, books, scenarios or music lyrics and earn money while your product sold.
  3. I think about that I haven’t got any patent and I wouldn’t invent any thing. If I would be an inventor it would looked probable.
  4. I would code a program or a website looks like office programs or an os system or a social media system but I am not so genius.
  5. But! I couldn’t code a complex system but I would set up a website that shows ads and earn money for me every time, every where and I decided to create a blog.

After I set my first website I earned my money 2 days later and it increased my earnings.After a year later, I was owner a super luxury house which is in a securited site with a new car at a closed garage. I took a vacation my family and I sent my son to a very good private school.

After I started to earn money enough I decided to write this blog to share this experiments to everyone who wants to turn their dreams to reality. Let’s do it…

Richard Howell

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